Simply Poetry

Brocade Of Colours

Window of the sky

Opens rainbow of promise

Brocade of colours

A phenomenon of Creation.

How Great Thou Art!


The Art Of Silence


A beam of light

shines onto the stage

A solo artiste performs

mimes in dance

gestures expressive

The art of silence

Audience bursts into laughter.


The spotlight beamed

brighter than before

Suddenly – silence

The mood of the artiste


the artiste mimed

in a dramatic way

The message

loud and clear.


Emotions stirred

Hearts touched

Everyone has the capacity

to appreciate one another

Try a little kindness

It goes a long way.



Music, Music, Music!

Beautiful, evoking


sensory experiences

warming feelings

lifting spirits

Hearts touched



soothing minds

Inspiring emotions

for the love

of the Art!

Bright Sparkling Star

The heart-warming kindness

of friendship

is like the precious gift of love

like the bright sparkling star

in the dark night.

The Joy Of Words

Words well chosen

Set hearts aglow

Put smiles on faces.

Lyrics Of Praise

The beauty of creation

the seasons

sing of God’s

wonderful works

and deeds

giving praise

joyously celebrating

His everlasting love.

Greater Heights

Steep ascent

Rugged terrain





Reach for the peak.

The Importance Of …

Sound reasoning

gateway to

focused thinking.

Song Of Harmony

Bird’s song exhilarating

Musical chord

Song of tenderness

Harmony of joy.

Heart Matters

 Relationships matter most

when hearts light up

and the bonding is special.

Rhythm Of The Isle

Rhythm of waves

mesmerising sounds

breaking against rocks

snow-white sand

fine and soft

coconut palms

gently swaying

distant sunset

mauve colours

twilight sky

as stars light the sparkle

in dreams of love.

Splendour Of The Musicals

Opulence, fanfare

Beautiful melodies

Dancers, actors

Drama of musicals

Orchestra in full swing.


Exciting, thrilling

Waltzes and popular music

Renowned conductor

Enthusiastic style.


Magnificent opera hall

Great acoustics

Fine drapery

Packed audience.


Magical atmosphere

Feelings and senses evoked

Splendid performance

An evening to remember.



Whispers Of Hope

A burst of sunshine

through the silver lining

sparkling waters

shades of green

whispers of hope.

Ethics And Morals

Professionalism, ethics


in the workforce


are much in question


be it in health


or legal sectors.


Reports on the


of professionals

who have abused

violated the rights of others

instead of

practising to

serve and

conduct themselves morally

and with integrity

to benefit society.


The most vulnerable people

and gullible children

are taken advantage


so will grow up




affecting their emotions

and behaviour.


How can we

as a society



Be sensitive to

their needs

changes in behaviour

take and make

time to listen

get appropriate




A global perspective

a concern!



Virtue reflects

inner beauty

kindness and humility

strength of character

heart of love.

The Hills Are Alive!

Nestled in the hills

a quaint country town

home-made jams and conserves

relishes and honey

farm fresh produce.


The thriving township

with wineries

cheese and dairy factories

sheep and cattle farming

verdant green pastures

in the valley.


European villagers

operate bakeries

cafes and restaurants

charming cottages

homes and gardens

winding roads


pretty wildflowers


cool meandering streams.


A village that has much character

art and craft shops

picture galleries

cobblestone streets

music in the air

yodeling on the hills

what olde world charm!

Love’s Symphony

Glorious sunshine

smiling upon

dancing waters

thrilling beauty

nature’s lyrics

Creation’s joy.

The Precious Gem

How precious are

God’s thoughts

how vast is the

sum of them

if it could

be counted

it would be

more than

the grains

of sand

God’s thoughts

are precious

like the precious


the precious gem.



From Cinders To Beauty

‘Tis that time

a time and season

for regeneration and growth


abundance of beauty.

Sweet Nightingales


Echoes of melodic voices

fill the concert hall

with joyful music

singing with much enthusiasm

children’s choir

well travelled

under the baton

of accomplished conductor.


Beautiful songs

musicals, folk

classical, contemporary

wide repertoire


angelic voices

blending well.



performing with gusto

to the delight

of appreciative audience

applauding for an encore


captivating hearts!



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