Simply Poetry

Green Fields

As I looked out to the open space

green fields

dotted with wild flowers

dancing in the wind

A gentle stream meanders

Cattle grazing

Sheep prancing

Peaceful and tranquil.

Comments on: "Green Fields" (5)

  1. Sweet and breathtaking. You painted a quaint picture. Definitely a treat to my mind’s eye, being stuck in an urban complex with a view of nothing but frozen snow-and-mud mixture on narrow filthy alleys. 😀


    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment. Yes, I lived and worked in Australia and enjoyed the country life there, especially the flora and fauna. I’ve also enjoyed your poem “If God was a Poet”. Thank you for your visit! 🙂 Season’s greetings and a blessed Christmas.


  2. This is beautiful and peaceful…


    • Thank you, Michelle. Country Australia is really beautiful. Many parts of the country are still very natural and rugged, thankfully. The national parks and forest reserves are open to visitors and there are facilities for picnics and barbeques. They are usually crowded this time of year because of the holidays. Have a lovely time with your children including HRH. Greetings for the season and all good wishes for the new year! 🙂


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