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A Drifting World

Is life merely existing

in a world that is just drifting?

Coping with the pressures in living

gives little hope to the human being.

Trusting in the promises of God

His faithfulness and righteous ways

help through trials and difficult days.

Timely Comfort

Comforting words at the right time

show that we care,

As we reach out to

hurting people out there.

Chic Boutique

Cool linen

cotton voile

plain, patterned, floral

pretty fabrics

displayed with flair



bright, pastel

hand stitched clothes

Chic boutique


Feeling peckish

I wandered to

their cafe

delicious meals

delectable desserts

freshly brewed coffee


Cosy atmosphere

people in conversation

soft music playing



Scintillating Sky

Twinkling star

twinkling star


night sky

silvery light


reflection on

rippling waves.

Ivory Keys

Magical touch

nimble fingers

on the black and white keys


Enchanting music

echoing across

the room


Sweet vocalist

angelic voice



Music plays on

at the charming

gallery restaurant

fine food and wine


Candle light dinner

A dream


into reality?

Healing In Affliction

The vulnerable and marginalised of society,

Are dependent on appropriate help and treatment,

In Your love and compassion,

Lord, give comfort and healing in their affliction.

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