Simply Poetry

Spanish Esteve

Her dexterity on

the beautiful


classical Esteve


Long slender fingers

skilfully picking and plucking

sliding up and down

the mellow-tuned instrument


Captivating music

enthralling enthusiastic audience

opening night

of Arts festival.


Young and talented

solo artiste



La Paloma to Granada

Leyenda to Night Serenade

on her Spanish guitar.


Applause! Applause!

standing ovation

gracias senorita.


Comments on: "Spanish Esteve" (7)

  1. You painted the most charming picture with your words…


    • Thank you very much, Michelle, for your lovely comment. 🙂 Actually, I do have an Esteve guitar which is a joy to play on but … the senorita is the accomplished one! 😉


  2. Nice to know those in the audience are inspired not only in the moment by our music, but in expressions of creative output after the concert has ended…thank you from another performing artist!


    • Thank you for your visit and sincere comment, Laura. Have listened to audio samples of your music on your blog and have enjoyed them. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy going to concerts and appreciate the performing arts. Your background in music is very interesting and you are blessed as you come from a musical family. God’s blessings. 🙂 Iris


  3. Lovely poem,l love music and l play Mandolin.Thank yo for liking my recent post.Cheers.jalal


    • Thank you Jalal Yes, I understand you also play the Oud. I enjoy listening to the mandolin as well. Music is very good for us and very therapeutic. There are so many talented musicians in this world and they have contributed a lot to enrich our lives. Once again thank you for your visit and comment. I do appreciate it. Kind regards, Iris.


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