Simply Poetry

So Who Will?


Red flame of the forest

stands majestic

on top of the hill

the frangipani tree

yellow angsana

displaying colourful blooms

of beige and gold

on a cloudless


sunny afternoon.


The large grounds

of the historic college

colonial architecture

lush green lawn

small shrubs and plants

bicycle paths

add interesting features

to this charming college.


Students come

from all over the world

young and enthusiastic

eager to learn

and meet people

as they embark

on their challenging

medical studies.


They have chosen

a noble profession

years of theory

and practicals

in wards of hospitals

difficult and important

decisions to make

so who will and what will

make a dedicated doctor?


Comments on: "So Who Will?" (6)

  1. Gorgeous Imagery 🙂 Blessings and Happy St Patrick’s Day ~


  2. So descriptive. I love it!


  3. I have a friend who is doing medical training at Kings College London so tough but so rewarding too.


    • Yes, medical training is very tough. The students also have real needs as young people. They require much guidance and counsel too, and that to me is very challenging in my work with them. It is a rewarding career when they complete it and such a noble profession too. Glad to hear of your friend at King’s College. My best wishes to your friend and to you too, Charlotte. 🙂


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