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Deeply Moving

A piece of music

a book

or a movie?

Realistically painful emotional hurts

of a sufferer

are deeply moving.

They linger

and linger on.

Ruminating thoughts

anxiety, stress

affect behaviour.

Everyone can

play a part

to help.

Be kind and sensitive


The person has been through

more than one can ever imagine.

‘Faith, Hope and Love

but above all

the greatest of these is Love’

The Right Time

There is a time to be doing

There is a time to refrain

There is a time to persevere

And the right time

Always endures.


Against the backdrop of an azure blue sky

Stands the yellow flowering tree

Silver leaved acacia and the golden elm

The little butterfly flitting from tree to tree

On this warm autumn afternoon

O how delightful to see

Your handiwork around the garden.

Another Season

Another season in Your creation

Enters the autumn scene

Bright periods of sunshine

And cooler evenings

The warmth of Your love

Towards every living being.

Celebrate Love

Celebrate the Gift of Love,

The victory is won,

Celebrate the Gift of Love,

The victory is won,

Celebrate the Gift of Love,

The victory is won,

Rejoice and rejoice,

Rejoice, rejoice

Rare Beauty


beyond compare


of admiration

without blemish





captivating joy!

A Sweet Rhapsody

Musicians playing

melodious piece

blend of instruments

a lively rhapsody

irregular rhythm


evoking senses



foot tapping


reaches a crescendo

What a masterpiece, Maestro!

Drama In The Gardens!

Young theatre group


magnificent botanic gardens

park setting

grassed areas




Actors perform

Midsummer night’s dream

lush costumes

exciting atmosphere

starry moonlit night

each scene

different environs

audience participates

interesting experience.


Contemporary comedy play

fun and creative

natural props

staged superbly



another Shakespearean wonder.

Will wonders ever cease?

May Creation Sing

May creation sing for joy

May creation sing

May creation sing for joy

To Creator God

And the splendour of His works

The splendour of His works

Give praise

To Almighty God.

Soliloquy Retold

The stage is set

in the courtyard

of a beautifully decorated

heritage home

mother-of-pearl furniture

antique ornaments

tiled marble flooring.


A charming young lady

from a wealthy family

attractively dressed

in traditional sarong kebaya*

Anxious eyes focussed

captive audience

sits herself

on the intricately

carved rosewood chair.


She explains

marriage was arranged

it wasn’t her choice

mixed feelings

emotional turmoil

cultural differences

testings and tauntings

but character

confident and respectful

learned fast

to relate well.


Intelligent, witty, creative

humble character

she soon won their hearts

many talents

culinary skills

musically gifted.


As she relates her story

audience was in awe.

A difficult relationship

it just takes

one determined person

to make a positive difference

all’s well that ends well.


Enthusiastic audience


clapped heartily

she smiles

takes a bow.


* translucent, embroidered blouse worn with a batik sarong

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