Simply Poetry

Drama In The Gardens!

Young theatre group


magnificent botanic gardens

park setting

grassed areas




Actors perform

Midsummer night’s dream

lush costumes

exciting atmosphere

starry moonlit night

each scene

different environs

audience participates

interesting experience.


Contemporary comedy play

fun and creative

natural props

staged superbly



another Shakespearean wonder.

Will wonders ever cease?

Comments on: "Drama In The Gardens!" (8)

  1. When it involves Shakespeare, the wonders NEVER cease 🙂 Wonderful!


  2. Watching the events on the stage.l appreciate Shakespeare’s imagination.Great post.


    • Thanks for your comment, Jalal. Appreciate it as always. Actually, will be going to another Shakespearean play “Hamlet” this evening. This will be performed at the local Arts Centre. Human relationships are intriguing. Shakespeare portrays it well.


  3. Wish I had been there, Iris. What a wonderful idea to perform Shakespeare in a garden! I attended an outdoor wedding last summer, and it was truly special.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


    • The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne is one of our favourite gardens to visit. It is close to the city and is very popular with many people. At weekends some even picnic there! Yes, it is a unique experience to watch the play performed in such a natural and lovely setting. Gardens give that special touch to events like the wedding you attended. Thank you, Wendy, for sharing your thoughts. Much appreciated. God bless. Love, Iris.


  4. How beautiful… Great progression of the sequences related to Shakespeare’s play… I love the way you have described the surrounding atmosphere around the stage…
    The ending verses are so ready-witted …
    Toast to you, dear Iris. Outstanding ovation. Bravo 😀
    All the very best to you, Aquileana 😛


    • Thank you for such a wonderful comment. I truly appreciate your time in reading and participation in the poem. You do have great poetic imagination, Aquileana. Glad you enjoyed this. Best wishes to you too. Love, Iris. 🙂

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