Simply Poetry

Lilac Splendour

Beautiful flowers

of splendour

colour vivid

and brilliant

conducive environment.


All is quiet


to praise

and give thanks

to Creator God.


The wonders

of His work

so perfect

in every detail

beyond compare.


In the garden

of Your creation

where love

is sown





in nature.


For Wendy



Comments on: "Lilac Splendour" (12)

  1. These are so beautiful and serene, just as you are.


  2. Beautiful poem
    I love the smell of lilac too, it makes me think of my friend Gill because she has two big bushes near her back door.
    Best wishes


    • Thank you Charlotte. I understand that the fragrance of the lilac flower is like that of the rose with some having a hint of vanilla. Isn’t this scent wonderful? 🙂 Love, Iris.


  3. Thank you, dear Iris–this is so lovely. I think you’d like the setting of our largest lilac tree. It’s surrounded by big ferns at its base and hummingbirds and other tiny birds perch in it often.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


    • Wendy, your description of your garden is so lovely that it has inspired me to write this poem. I can just visualise your beautiful garden setting which is also very inviting for the birds to come and enjoy. Besides that, I am sure it will be a delight for photographers and artists. Once again, thank you for your friendship. 🙂 Love, Iris.


  4. Another gorgeous poem. I particularly like the uneven lengths of the linesof this lovely prayer of praise.


  5. I do love lilacs. The shape of the flowers and their scent. Lovely poem!


  6. Beautiful poem that guides the reader through the blissful Island.Regards.,Jalal


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