Simply Poetry


Tact and skill

in handling

challenging tasks

diplomacy in

sensitive issues


prevent conflicts

build understanding.


In difficult situations


time and space


deeper disputes

help both groups

reach workable solutions.


Today’s world

fragile relationships

tragically many


crying out


resort to vice

life threatening ways

to escape pain





We can all make a difference!


Comments on: "Finesse" (7)

  1. Sad but true, Iris.

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    • Yes, these issues which affect us all globally need to be addressed urgently. As we read in the news so very often, this sad but preventable pain has caused tragic results. Human intervention is a very delicate issue but there are trained and skilled people in organisations and who are experts in this field. As fellow human beings we can on our part make a difference in showing understanding and listening with empathy. Thank you, Cynthia, for your comment. Have a good weekend. 🙂

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  2. Your poem reminds of this interview I heard the other day. I was impressed with Bishop Angaelos’ finesse.


    • Yes, I listened to the interview and thought the Bishop was very articulate. Political, religious and social issues are very sensitive topics whether at a local level or in a global perspective. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Gallivanta. 🙂 Appreciate your time. Have a lovely Sunday!


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