Simply Poetry

The Precious Gem

How precious are

God’s thoughts

how vast is the

sum of them

if it could

be counted

it would be

more than

the grains

of sand

God’s thoughts

are precious

like the precious


the precious gem.




Comments on: "The Precious Gem" (6)

  1. Poignant and nicely penned as always, dear Iris… I love this verses in particular: “God’s thoughts/are precious/like the precious diamond/the precious gem”… You are a mster with words!. Sending you much love, Aquileana 😀


    • Many thanks for your gracious words, Aquileana, much appreciated. Glad you related with the meaning and message of this poem! You do enjoy poetic experiences and l am so grateful for that 🙂 <3. Have a great and positive week . All the very best to you! 🙂 Iris


  2. Iris, thank you for this beautifully spiritual poem.


    • It’s my pleasure, Mary. Indeed God’s ways and thoughts are beyond compare and so very precious. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts. 🙂 Love, Iris.


  3. Very beautiful Iris ❤


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