Simply Poetry

Greater Heights

Steep ascent

Rugged terrain





Reach for the peak.

Comments on: "Greater Heights" (10)

  1. Lovely sentiments here, Iris. Only when we first decide to climb the mountain, and do it, will we experience reaching the peak.


    • You are so right, Mary. One needs to make that important decision to meet the challenges in overcoming obstacles in life. An attitude of determination helps in better handling of the circumstances. Perseverance is the key to the peak! Appreciate your insightful comment. Thank you for your visit and time. 🙂 Love, Iris.


  2. I am not very good at climbing mountains but I do love looking at them. I find them very reassuring.


    • Thank you for the biblical reference, Gallivanta. Yes, mountains are awe inspiring, aren’t they? When one gets up there it does give you a reassuring feeling! You will have a commanding view and invigorating mountain air making the experience so wonderful. God’s magnificent work of art indeed! I do appreciate your inspiring comment! 🙂 Love, Iris

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  3. Stimulating and challenging, dear Iris…
    Nice one!… Best wishes to you, Aquileana 😀

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    • I am very glad to read your encouraging comment, Aquileana. Thank you so much for your time and visit. Kind regards and have a lovely day. Iris 🙂


  4. Iris, I can sure relate to his one for two projects I’m working on. I look forward to the view.

    Blessings as you reach for “greater heights” ~ Wendy ❀

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    • All God’s blessings for your projects, Wendy! Thank you for your support and encouragement. His strength and inspiration will surely help us to ”greater heights” … 🙂 Iris


  5. Very nice… and deep

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