Simply Poetry

The Art Of Silence


A beam of light

shines onto the stage

A solo artiste performs

mimes in dance

gestures expressive

The art of silence

Audience bursts into laughter.


The spotlight beamed

brighter than before

Suddenly – silence

The mood of the artiste


the artiste mimed

in a dramatic way

The message

loud and clear.


Emotions stirred

Hearts touched

Everyone has the capacity

to appreciate one another

Try a little kindness

It goes a long way.



Comments on: "The Art Of Silence" (6)

  1. Yes, Iris, it’s a delight to watch something unfold in silence. Loving appreciation always goes a long way.


    • Your positive feedback, Mary, is very much appreciated! We do need to listen and be sensitive to different ways of communication… so relevant in helping a hurting society. Thank you for your kind words, they will always go a long way! Have a lovely day, so good to have you visit, my friend 🙂


  2. Reading this made me feel as though I was there, watching the scene. Wishing you a lovely day Iris ❤


    • Glad that you felt that way with the poem, Michelle. Mime is also a form of the expressive Arts. It is quite interesting how actors communicate with their audience through the art of miming. Here they catch one’s attention as it is all performed using gestures. Appreciate your interest and thank you for your comment. Have a lovely evening … ❤

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  3. Iris, this reminds me that appreciation can be shown without words. It’s a loving presence that speaks the loudest.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


    • Yes, It’s so true, Wendy. Just being with them, assures them that you are there, does help in many cases, as I have experienced in my work. Thank you for your valuable comment and appreciate your time. 🙂 Love, Iris.

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