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A Special Person



To be

that special person

to be loved

Love knows no season

Happy New Year

You are special!

Can We Imagine …


in this world

where childhood hunger

is still prevalent


Warmth In Winter


Warm glowing fireplace

Wood gently burning

popping and crackling

Appreciation of

family and friends

Soft instrumental music

beautiful and calming

enhances sensory experience

warms the heart

Joy in sharing time together.


Quietness to ponder

on year’s happenings

Make necessary changes

Set goals and priorities

Be flexible

to fit into

the greater good

and consider

with understanding

differences in people.



Hope always



Can You?


Count the stars

the numerous twinkling diamonds

in the expansive

starry night sky?

Or fathom

the depth and width

of the deepest ocean?


the highest mountain

beyond reach

of the expert mountaineer?

Imagine creation

in all its mastery

far above human understanding

and yet

the magnificence

of all these

displayed in every perfect detail

and beauty to behold

the incomparable Creator!



Latin Fingers

Trio string group

strumming, serenading

sentimental melodies

of love and beauty

from south of the border

popular Latin favourites

blending in

two guitars and a mandolin

vocals of

three amigos

entertaining diners

Casual beach bistro

Stunning sunset ambiance

Vibrant island in the sun

Holiday mood

Fun and laughter

It’s only just begun

That’s Amore!

A Christmas Cantata

Singers, dancers



unique open air stage

on the beach

perform musical

in contemporary

dance and song.


This short cantata

moving story

of the plight

of a youth

in search of

his own identity

strict upbringing

lost in modern society.


The music and dance

conveying a message

of hope, peace and joy

The story unfolds

he meets three friends

one gave him hope

another led him to peace

and the third shared joy with him.


The evening under the stars

silhouettes at sunset

waves breaking



a special performance to remember

a friend in need

is a friend indeed


Joy to the world!


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