Simply Poetry


Words to voice

Inspiring and profound

Friendship across borders.

Comments on: "Friendship" (12)

  1. Iris, this makes me think of bloggers and poets like you.

    Blessings on your weekend ~ Wendy ❀

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  2. Beautiful…. Friendship always goes beyond borders!.
    Happy weekend, dear Iris … Love! Aquileana ⭐

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    • This platform certainly provides opportunities for global friendships. I do appreciate my friends from across borders including my lovely friend from Argentina! 😉 ❤ A beautiful Sunday to you too and a great week ahead, Aquileana. 🙂

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  3. I am so glad that easy access to technology allows us to hear the voices of our friends no matter where they are.

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  4. excellent, Iris… HL = huge like… ❤ btw, I do believe in borderless friendship: 🙂


  5. Lovely little poem. So few words – so much meaning.

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    • So glad this is meaningful, Mary 🙂 Friendship goes a long way… both in the virtual world and within our own families and friends. Thank you for your lovely words and delighted to have you visit! Enjoy your day 🙂


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