Simply Poetry

Seeds Of Hope

Take these seeds

and seed the earth

Dream of trees

and of flowers

Sing of hope

and a glorious morning!


Where the sun

shines so bright

and the sweet nightingales

make melody

Songs of joy

and Creation’s beauty!


In the silence

of the evening

myriads of stars

light up

capture images of

glowing night sky

above and beyond

horizons of tomorrow’s

rainbow of promises!

Comments on: "Seeds Of Hope" (15)

  1. awomansaved said:

    Having a hard morning with this disease I’m battling. You cheered me up! Much Love, Deborah


  2. I very much enjoyed the brightness and earth’s glories in your poem, Iris. 😀

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    • We are so blessed with the splendour and wonderful works of the Creator indeed! In your travel posts that you share with us, Jet, you do show and inform us of just that… so very true of nature’s marvels! Appreciate your lovely comment and thank you so much 🙂 Have a great weekend, Jet 🙂


  3. Beautiful, have a great day 🌞

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  4. Wonderful, hopeful, smiling time!

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  5. Your poem gave me such a good feeling, Iris. “Sing of hope and a glorious morning” Love that! Have a beautiful Saturday. xo

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  6. admiration and respect for your positive and optimistic thoughts(vibes)… 🙂
    HOPE does have roots of life that can stand firm against darkness – its dazzling beacons stay anchored into the memory of the heart… ❤
    * * *
    have a pleasant week and lots of seeds of hope… cheers! 🙂

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