Simply Poetry

Trust deceived

Disappointment mounts

Friendship betrayed

Belief disturbed

The plot thickens.


People are hurt

by disturbing events

But it is their belief

about these events

that traumatises.

Comments on: "What Happened …? The Tangled Web" (10)

  1. A loving and sensitive tribute to the complicated side of being human. Apt title, too, Iris.

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    • Your compassionate and understanding comment is very much appreciated, Jet. We can all try to be kind and empathetic towards those who are afflicted. Thank you for your continued support, my friend. 🙂


  2. sad, but it does happen everywhere… once our trust and our faith betrayed or deceived, the relationship stops, as we’ve invested true and heartfelt feelings in it… personally, I never look back, no time and no patience to spare with folks who disappointed me… I move on and forward… I’ve learned via life experience that any human relation can’t function and last if it’s one way and not mutual… it’ll lead – sooner or later to a cul-de-sac(dead end!), better sooner! 🙂 try to stay positive and optimistic, Iris! ❤ friendly thoughts and my very best, Mélanie


    • You are so right. A good relationship works both ways! In my profession and work with people in different situations there must always be a readiness to listen to them. Indeed one must always give them hope and a choice to be positive about themselves. The first stanza of the poem sums up a Shakespearan play depicting this kind of relationship … sad but true. So it is good to know that some people do care and help is available! In the second stanza the person is encouraged to adopt a more optimistic view and positive perspective of their situation. Appreciate your sharing and thank you for your kind words! All the best to you too Melanie 🙂 ❤ Love, Iris


  3. Although it is true
    I still believe that the beauty of life

    The poem is a daily habit of reading iris, thank you. 🙂


    • Indeed life is beautiful, Meihsiu! We can all relate to beauty and good relationships… but when people are hurting they see things in a different perspective. So they should seek counsel to help them overcome their hurts and pain. Psychological well-being is just as important as physical well-being. Thank you for your thoughts on this poem. Have a great day! 🙂

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  4. Through these upsets we grow as people, learning how to deal with disappointment and confronting the friends that betray isn’t always easy, to discover that sometimes the bringer of bad news isn’t always the one to trust either.

    Really enjoyed catching up with your thoughtful poetry.

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    • Glad to hear from you, Charlotte. 🙂 Appreciate your thoughts on this. Yes, our optimistic attitude to different aspects of relationships will give us that positive perspective. Thank you for taking time to read the poems. My best to you, Iris.

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