Simply Poetry

Can One Wonder?

at atrocities

of people

Remain silent

to injustice

Turn a blind eye

to bullying and racism

Maintain silence

Can we?

Comments on: "Can One Wonder?" (16)

  1. Yes, a timely reminder to all regarding how we see one another. Oh, for a world that exhudes, peace, kindness, joy and unconditional love.

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  2. these past few years, nothing and nobody wonder me any more… in a negative way, unfortunately! 😦 but don’t remain silent… désolée, but I can’t elaborate…


    • I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience, Melanie. This global issue fortunately now has a voice through the performing arts. In April 2015, there was an International Jazz Day Global Concert held in Paris organised by UNESCO. Its purpose is to connect people of different cultures and traditions to further better understanding and peace in the world. Next year, this annual concert will be held in Washington, USA. Thank you for your interest and sharing. 🙂


    • oh, no, it hasn’t been my personal experience… hopefully! 🙂


  3. I think we need to raise ourselves and speak against it beyond a certain point. No point in bearing the torture incessantly.


    • Yes, people who are inflicted in this way are sadly traumatised psychologically and some need specialised counselling. A voice is needed to help them overcome such emotional stress. You are right, people should speak out against unjust and unkind behaviour. Thank you for your positive response. Much appreciated 🙂

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  4. Engaged words…. Powerful and nicely penned dear Iris! . All my best wishes. Aquileana 😀

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    • Thank you, Aquileana. Glad you found these words engaging. If we treat others fairly and accept those who are different to ourselves, we will make a difference and create better relationships. In today’s world, as migration, work and technology bring people from diverse backgrounds together, this has become an even more relevant issue. Appreciate your time and valuable response. My very best to you. 🙂 Iris


  5. Can we? I hope not, Iris. Should we? Certainly not. Thanks for posting this very timely piece, Iris. ❤

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  6. I would say those remaining silent are often as guilty as those doing wrong…. 😦

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  7. You bring an important message with this poem. To make positive changes, we must not only speak out against these things, but also speak in favor of their opposites: justice, vision, kindness, and respect, celebration, and appreciation for diversity.


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