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The Splendour Of Dawn


The Splendour Of Dawn

Make Way …

An evolving world

adapt and progress

make appropriate changes

opportunities abound

Is There Any Room …

for sharing kindness

for showing compassion

for understanding another

in our lives today?

A Star Shines


A Star Shines

Softly In The Garden

Cascading raindrops

in the garden

where butterflies

flutter amongst the flowers

freshly scented softly

softly the rain

on newly shorn

blades of grass



put smiles on

this earth to

remind us

never to despair

It is a glorious morning

Beyond The Horizon …

The mountain peak

Rainbow of colours

Promises beyond the horizon

Love So Divine

The golden harps

Angelic voices

One Holy night

The glorious Light

Your Space …

Music of the vast sea

gentle waves of imagination

Foliage of the palm

magnificent and tranquil

Time and space

Your joy …

Your serenity …

Heavenly Night

With such sweet music

of the resounding shore

with a thousand echoes

of the melodious waves

In the calm of night

whispering wind in concert serenades

scintillating sky of sparkling stars

a heavenly symphony.

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