Simply Poetry

Tide Of Times

The tide that overtakes

these times, a future

uncertain as the wild sea …

human folly unfolds

on our news-screens

and yes, and yes …

even from these uncertainties

a new sun will rise …


Comments on: "Tide Of Times" (13)

  1. Oh, how I treasure your beautiful words, calm presence, and deep faith in life.

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  2. I appreciate your words of hope–you write beautifully.

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  3. Beautiful poetry 🙂

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  4. And that
    Is nice 🙂

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  5. Great poem.. most possibilities are uncertain.. hence future as a potential time might be quite quite uncertain too… Sending love, dear Iris. Aquileana ☺️

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    • So true… humanity is fragile and definitely uncertainties in life are shown in everyday happenings. Thank you for your reflection and words here, Aquileana. My best to you 🙂

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  6. Thanks – realistic and inspiring words.

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