Simply Poetry

A Winter’s Rose

A cherished garden

of roses’ beauty

songbirds whispering

a joyous song

this winter morn.


Above those trees

birds get together

to chirp about the weather

the warm sunshine of love

my heart with pleasure fills.


Comments on: "A Winter’s Rose" (23)

  1. Lovely. Have a good weekend.

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  2. Yes, lovely–have a blessed weekend.

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  3. The birds were chirping here today, too. No roses though as they have all been pruned.

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    • Yes, pruning will help with their plant growth and health, won’t it? Glad you are enjoying this lovely season in New Zealand, Gallivanta. We are still having some lovely winter roses in our gardens in Melbourne! 🙂 Thank you for your interest and for stopping by. Much appreciated,have a nice day and a pat for Jack! 😉

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  4. The simple pleasures of the heart are the most cherished ones. Splendid poetry!

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  5. This is one great, positive, upbeat poem to cap off my Monday. Great, hopeful piece Iris!

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  6. Thank you for sharing this lovely morning and your love-filled heart, Iris — it is a divine poem.

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  7. Lovely^^
    Good luck for next poems 🙂

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  8. Beautiful hope in your words…wonderful! I need that after my ‘face-to-face’ this morning with oncoming winter:

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