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Splendour In The Park

One September morn

gliding on the lake

a swan so fine

as graceful as

the birds that soar

twittering songs of spring

when at a glance

thousands of jonquils

swaying and dancing

fluttering in the breeze

I saw

spring’s glorious splendour

such joy and pleasure

my heart sings

O what a beautiful morning…

Comments on: "Splendour In The Park" (28)

  1. Monochrome nightmares said:

    An enchanting piece of writing.

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  2. Lovely 🙂 You really bring that magical morning to life 🙂

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  3. Gorgeous, it’s like reading scripture. ❤️

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  4. September is a great month, isn’t

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  5. this felt like a sweet sweet sweet lullaby. ❤

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  6. So lovely! What a beautiful picture you painted with your words 😊

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  7. Lovely 😊 I wanted to finish with O what a beautiful day 🎶🌞

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  8. Great poem… special way to welcome spring in our hemisphere, dear Iris!… have a nice one… Aquileana 😉

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    • Thanks, and enjoy your spring, Aquileana. 🙂 This season must be lovely with blooms and flowering trees. The photographers will be around I’m sure… we capture all this amazing nature with our eyes. 😉 Nice of you to stop by. Have a great season!


  9. Lovely imagery, beautifully penned.

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  10. Ah, a beautiful morning is the best morning to have! Your graceful swan was described perfectly. Lovely words.

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  11. I love your writings. They are all so emotive. Please keep them delights coming for us. 🙂

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