Simply Poetry

Boxed In …

They need space

family relationships

overpowering mother

subdued children

work, life

personal relationships

realistic needs

low self esteem

affecting behaviour

thinking, personality

personal development


misfits in society …

treat with care and love.


Comments on: "Boxed In …" (20)

  1. A gentle and compassionate message…lovely, Iris.

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  2. A great thought provoking poem … Very relevant in our society today. I love the way you portray such issues so sensitively in your writing. All of us need love, yes, and more so, those in such situations. Thank you for this poignant poem.

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    • I appreciate your insightful and inspiring words. Thank you, Eliza. Many plays have been written on family relationships and I’ve interpreted and tried to express in this poem a drama I saw recently. The arts do allow people to look into real life situations as plays are often based on the playwright’s own experiences. This is what I love about the arts as it could influence people’s way of thinking which could lead to better relationships.

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  3. Well penned poem, the issues are spot on in today’s society, and every other time in society, women are taken for granted, abused, etc.
    TLC (tender loving care) is what we all need.

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  4. Treat with care and love .. Very special

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  5. I interpreted this in two ways. Women are the glue that holds the world together. We have no choice but to multitask. Few men understand about tenderness and children respond to how much we invest in them. Very difficult during these times when most women have to work, care for the house and the kids, cook, clean, and listen to complaints.

    My second interpretation: I thought it related to neglected children

    Perfectly penned.

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    • Thank you for your insightful interpretations, Nancy. Lovely to read them and I appreciate the reflections. Your words show so much sensitivity and yes, you have really given us some inspiring thoughts. ❤

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  6. Wonderful words of compassion xx

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  7. I read an article just this morning about mental health problems increasing in young children, with poor self image rising. It’s a sad situation

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    • Yes, It’s very sad and especially when children are involved, Charlotte. The problems and family situations need to be addressed but unfortunately it’s funding that hinders employing trained personnel and health professionals. This is a global issue! Appreciate your kind thoughts and concern. ❤


  8. Thank you, Iris, for stating this truth in your compassionate poem. Yes, we all must handle with care.

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  9. Boxed in, yes, stifled, yes…and then I stood up, stretched, took a deep breath and exhaled slowly…

    Thank you for insight and inspiration.:-)

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