Simply Poetry

In Sweetest Season

The sunrise wakes

the birds to sing

Let silence set

the world in tune

The buds of spring

sing songs of summer

and how the summer

glowed and shone

a sonnet full of love.

Comments on: "In Sweetest Season" (24)

  1. This was lovely to read ^_^

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  2. Monochrome nightmares said:

    Wonderful Iris.
    Very heartwarming.

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  3. Beautifully written πŸ™‚

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  4. A beautiful expression of this season.

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    • Yes, the wonders of the changing seasons with all the beautiful blooms and birds to welcome in summer in the southern hemisphere, Gallivanta. Nice to have you visit! Appreciate your comment, thank you… enjoy the season.

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  5. Such lovely imagery here ❀

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  6. Such a hopeful and lovely poem, Iris. While I like every word here, the words that really grabbed me were: “The buds of spring/sing songs of summer.”

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  7. No song more beautiful than nature’s rhapsody. There’s music in your poetry, Iris! xo

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  8. Spring and summer are my favorite seasons and although it is autumn here, your poem bathed and warmed me, full of sunshine, even though I am confined to bed. The imagery carried me away, a journey of symphonic delight. ❀

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    • I am grateful and so pleased to know that this poem resonated with you, Nancy. Thank you so much for your beautiful words of encouragement. Keep writing your lovely and lively posts… they are a delight to read and are enjoyable. ❀

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      • Thank you, Iris. I am trying, still figuring out what posts people enjoy. I have serious subjects I want to discuss relating to my story, but I get very few views for these. Blogging is important to me as a new author. I learn and am inspired by you and dozens of bloggers here. ❀ Again, thank you.

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