Simply Poetry

Echoes Of Love

Vast, vast as the ocean

high as the heavens above

Stars twinkling brilliantly

all is still

Silent is the night

Imagine …

the beauty all around

and the music of the sea

the music of the sea

echoes love.

Comments on: "Echoes Of Love" (39)

  1. I so enjoyed this poem, Iris. It’s a good reminder that the echoes of love surround us, all we have to do is listen. Beautifully written and crafted.

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  2. The sea, love are closely related I think. It is clear that the sea inspires my poems very much. Have a nice week end 🙂

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    • An appreciation of nature and the marvels of creation certainly are inspirational to many poets… Love is the greatest gift of all to humanity. This gift is for us to embrace and share. Thank you for your comment, Gyslaine. Enjoy your weekend too. 🙂

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  3. I love this poem, Iris. It reminds me how much love is echoing all around us! 🙂

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  4. Beautiful poem.

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  5. You make it easy to imagine Iris 🙂

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  6. So lovely, Iris. I can imagine a beautiful sea at night with a sky full of stars…and the echoes of beautiful music. Such outstanding imagery. 😀

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  7. aaaah. so soothing and calming dear! ❤

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  8. Dear Iris,

    I feel infinity
    Dance of light
    Silent words
    Along the vast ocean
    In correspondence
    With the stars
    A night of beauty
    Of the heart
    Of your poem

    Thanks, dear friend, a wonderful poem.
    A big hug

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  9. This is such a beautiful poem! I love the images your words create

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  10. Vast oceans and the music of the sea .. how lucky are we? Beautiful Iris 😃

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  11. The rhythm evokes the sound of the waves, as they come and go…
    Excellent poem, dear Iris… Much love & happy new season to you! (I think is it autumn for you, like in my case, am I right!?). … ❤

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    • Hola Amalia, thanks for your lovely reflection… glad you enjoyed the poem. Yes, we are into Autumn and another gorgeous season of colours! Have a wonderful season too! 🌹 ❤ Much love 🙂

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