Simply Poetry

Power And Folly

Three profound words

Consumed by power

A human folly.


Comments on: "Power And Folly" (23)

  1. Sadly humans the world over are like this.

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  2. The fortunate thing is that not every human is consumed by power. Yet again, another thought-provoking poem, Iris — thank you so much.

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  3. Profound indeed, Iris.

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    • The complexities of human behaviour, relationships, have such a profound impact on people… seen in some of the problems of society today. Thank you, Lana. Yes, there is always a choice and time to think things through… appreciate your time here.

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  4. Oh dear, yes…… 😦

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  5. Alas all too likely to happen these days 😦

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    • Yes, as humans we are fallible. Some are more vulnerable than others so we can try to extend ourselves and give support in one or more ways…. that I believe will help to alleviate some pain for the hurting. Some playwrights write about their own experiences in life… to share about human relationships…. the realities of life. Thank you for your thoughts, Greg.

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      • In a world increasingly shadowed by instances of bigotry, bile, ignorance and intolerance I agree that we all must do what little we can to keep the flame lit – I never believed that we would start the descent into darkness again and I’ve never seen the UK, where I live, more divided than today 😦

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  6. short and to the point : thank you Iris πŸ™‚

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  7. Indeed a worldwide folly .. but thankfully not everyone! Hugs Iris

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    • Yes, these are momentous times but we do have some good leaders and people… thankfully. It’s great to have your optimistic feedback! πŸ˜ƒ Thank you Julie, for your insightful comment… hugs ❀

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  8. Simple and profound!

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  9. Just perfectly put!

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