Simply Poetry

Tranquil Gaze

The distant sails

on blue mountain lake

reflections of calm

Comments on: "Tranquil Gaze" (30)

  1. So peaceful and beautiful, Iris. I loved it!

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  2. Beautiful!

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  3. Iris, every line is one of serenity. Beautiful.

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  4. Mellow Iris. So mellow.

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  5. Lovely, dear Iris.
    Blessings ~ Wendy ❤

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  6. Ah, evokes images of peace and serenity. 🙂 Lovely.

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  7. I need to catch a ride on that sailboat! Tranquility is a treasure. Peace to you, Iris. Thank you for such a soothing swim in your poetry. ❤ 🏊

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    • Yes Rose, there are so many wonderful and beautiful things to gaze upon … and to appreciate and enjoy. It’s amazing that tranquility found in those landscapes are there for us to behold if we take the time! Welcome on board the sailboat. Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts. ❤ ⛵ 🏞 🙂

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  8. The perfect image of a perfect moment in time! This is so very beautiful and peaceful, Iris! Thank you for conjuring up a smile on my lips 🙂 ❤ 🙏⛵️

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  9. Such a beautiful soul you possess, my friend! Keep writing your wondrous messages. 💋🌹

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  10. Iris, I can sense the tranquility in this poem – beautifully written! 😀 Wish I was on that lake…

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  11. Beautiful and so serene. ❤

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  12. Your poem doesn’t even need a picture to feel like I am right there.😊 ahh peace!

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  13. Wherever it is . I wish I was there 😃

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