Simply Poetry


Scaling lofty mountains


from greater heights


a burst of sunshine

through the silver lining

inspiring hope


Comments on: "Sunburst" (19)

  1. Enjoyed this uplifting poem, Iris, of hope and perseverance. Thanks for putting a smile in my day.

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  2. Love that silver lining of inspiring hope! Thanks so much for this uplifting poem, Iris, exactly what I needed! 🙂 ❤ xxx

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  3. Bravo Iris.
    Well penned.

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  4. Hope is beautiful especially viewed in majestic mountains. Such an inspiring and lovely poem, Iris 😀

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  5. That burst of sunshine is beautiful .. love your words Iris 😃

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    • Hi Julie, so glad you enjoyed this poem. Good to hear from you! 😃 How are things over in NZ… busy on the farm, the weather… have a lovely week ahead. 👍 ⚘ 🌻

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  6. Clouds aren’t all bad — yours bring us hope! Beautiful. (PR)

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  7. Thanks Iris for bringing this sunshine, lovely and positive poem.

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  8. Perfectly written. There will always be challenges, but that burst of sunshine and silver lining keep you going. 🙂

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