Simply Poetry

A Sense Of Mystery

I see

calm waters

silence in

the air

a boat

in the middle

of nowhere


Comments on: "A Sense Of Mystery" (19)

  1. Beautiful and mysterious! I long to know from where the boat comes and to where it’s headed… maybe it’s the silence before the storm? Love your poetry, Iris, it always makes me wander through fabulous landscapes and dreams 😄😘💕🐨

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  2. A boat in the middle of nowhere sounds perfectly peaceful right about now. 😄

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  3. I’m thinking about your boat .. and wondering! Magic Iris 😃

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  4. Simply wonderful Iris.
    Noah’s arc maybe?

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  5. Mystical and serene. You are a magician, Iris! ❤

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    • That scene is serene… gives one something to think about… in a pensive, reflective way. It’s always fun to observe these unusual scenarios! Haha I’m no magician, Rose. 😉 Thank you for your interest here. ❤


  6. This spreads serenity. Thank you

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  7. Beautiful, Iris. Powerful images of deep peace, a healing presence so necessary in times such as there.

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