Simply Poetry

For Better, For Worse?

Concrete, steel, glass

Do they inspire?

A greengrocer …

gobbled by modernity

Tall skyscrapers

multi-storied complexes

super megastores

bear testimony


A blade of grass

a wildflower

things that pulse

with life

give way

to hearts of mortar


Comments on: "For Better, For Worse?" (33)

  1. For us living in concrete jungles natural beauty is so refreshing

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  2. Good design can make concrete, glass, and steel more appealing. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen much.

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  3. Excellent video. I can’t believe it’s been 25 years!

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  4. A sad poem, Iris. I wish cities would do more to nurture green spaces and things that are alive. “Hearts of mortar” can’t sustain us.

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    • Global modernisation has its advantages and disadvantages… it is a shame when green parks and trees are replaced by these concrete structures! However some green spaces and parks are included in their planning as I understand, Diana. I am also one for natural beauty and lovely parks even in the inner city. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

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  5. Hey Iris .. probably why I love my home so much and know how lucky I am ..

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    • Yes Julie, you are so blessed with such lovely country and natural beauty there! The open green space is so wonderful and healthy… from your stunning photos. I appreciate your visit here and sharing. Thanks so much and happy writing! 😃

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  6. I loved your poem of how modern industry can harden our hearts. The line about hearts of mortar is fantastic! This is one of your more cynical works which I loved very much. Another facet of you beautifully expressed. 🌹❤️💋

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  7. Dear Iris, I love your new banner. Poetry is music for the soul.
    Blessings ~ Wendy ❤

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  8. It is sad that we seem to be taking more and more land and turning them into concrete jungles. A nicely done, reflective poem, Iris about the true price of modernization. I think we should do more of restoring what we already have, and like Diana said, definitely more green spaces, trees in downtown areas and community gardens. Nature is good for our soul as you have so wonderfully reminded us. Have a lovely weekend! 😀

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    • I appreciate your meaningful thoughts and sharing them, Lana. Yes, it does affect our living in a green environment with lovely parks and green open spaces… thank you for joining in this discussion. 🌲 🌹 Have a great weekend too! 😃

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  9. As always your poems stab right into the heart of truth, Iris. The overtaking of nature is a thing that happens far too often and all over the planet… it makes my heart bleed with sorrow and sadness. I agree, there are some pieces of modern architecture that can add beauty to our city skylines – often their design has been inspired by natural phenomena or appearances! Like the Gherkin in London by Sir Norman Foster who was among other things inspired by pine cones, pineapples and sunflower seeds for the design of his tower.
    Have a lovely Sunday! 🙂 ❤ xoxo

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  10. Cities pulse too, they’re just not as pleasant as a blade of grass or wildflower. Thought-provoking poem, my friend, sad too. Really like your new header, Iris.

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    • I appreciate your meaningful reflection, Jet. Yes, some cities are so vibrant and have a lot of character… like Melbourne and Sydney in Australia. Pleased that you like the new header. 😃 Thank you so much!

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  11. Sadly, yes, nature is obscured by our buildings. But I love to see wild plants reclaiming these structures! 🙂

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  12. Indeed a harsh landscape but I hear Singapore is leading the way for green at the heart of the city. In London we have been blessed with many parks and the riverside. We need more entrepreneurs and philanthropists to buy space for parks now!

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    • In city planning, it is always wonderful, when they beautify and set aside green spaces, parks, and plant some flowering trees or shrubs. There are too many colossal shopping malls in Singapore when it is already very crowded in the city! Yes, they do have some green spaces but I think better planning for gardens/ parks would be more environmentally attractive especially for tourists… glad to hear from you and thanks for your thoughts.

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