Simply Poetry

Beauty In Subtlety

Under the bright moonlight

cascades reflecting off

the white snow

nocturnal magical



Comments on: "Beauty In Subtlety" (18)

  1. ~ i can feel the magic ~

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    • Thank you for the lovely words. I appreciate your visit. 🙂


      • That’s odd, the software won’t respond to a like, I tried clicking like on your comment to me, and it wouldn’t show up. I did hear that mercury is retrograde and that will cause computers to malfunction. I don’t know if that’s why clicking like isn’t working, however, there is some merit to the theory because my iMac and my iPad are both not working normally since mercury went retrograde. I thought software is immune to the action of planets, but perhaps they do affect software. Whatever the case may be — because any idea on why a like isn’t working to post so it shows up, is just a theory, because software and computers are relatively new, and therefore, the effects of planetary alignment on software and computers has not been fully determined yet.
        😂 that’s funny because I don’t usually philosophize about 💻 and software!

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        • Thanks, I do understand. Yes, software, the internet and devices do have their limitations and can cause problems… Sometimes I try refreshing the webpage and it works! 😃 So please don’t worry too much… enjoy the planetary alignment tomorrow… 🌞 🌛 🌍 Have a good week! ❤


  2. Lovely and dreamy, Iris! 🙂 ❤

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  3. You paint such a beautiful lunar landscape, Iris. Thank you for these lovely words and images.

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  4. Such a beautiful, magical image, Iris. I love how it has taken my imagination to a much cooler place and let me escape from this incredible heat and humidity for a moment. xoxo

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  5. You really do evoke magical imagery with your lovely poem 🙂

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  6. Soulful poem..would like to read more of yours.

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