Simply Poetry

It’s Resilience

Setbacks and failures

give us the opportunity

to learn to be resilient

to improve in the future

from these disappointments

Remind ourselves

we have a choice

to move on


Comments on: "It’s Resilience" (41)

  1. Failure, though typically unpleasant and disappointing, is usually one of life’s best teachers. Always a silver lining, right? 😊

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  2. We can choose to look at the situation and move forward; or sit and wallow in the misery. I’m with you, Iris, all the way.

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  3. Sound advice reminding us of positivity in a beautiful verse. This is lovely and very true, Iris. xo

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  4. Lots of wisdom in setbacks and failures. Lovely poem, Iris. ❤

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  5. • Thank you for your beautiful and thought-provoking post

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  6. Some good words for our election day. 🙂

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  7. Resilience is the unwritten law of life, which goes on even for those who refuse to move, burying their head in the dark crevices. Beautiful words!

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    • Those are inspiring words… indeed there are many ways of dealing with difficult situations and being resilient does certainly help one to move on in a positive way. Many thanks for visiting, Balroop, nice to meet you here! 🙂 I appreciate your time and thoughtful comment.

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  8. Too true. We only need watch a child learning to walk. Who knows that child could be a future Olympic champion but they will fail again and again along the way.

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  9. Nicely said. 🙂 It’s true, you learn to be resilient only through setbacks. The only real failure is in not getting back up and trying again 🙂

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  10. Beautifully expressed, Iris! To learn from our mistakes is all we can do as they’re a constant part of our lives. 😄😘🐨🌺

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  11. Oh yes dear Iris .. we sure do learn by experience. 🙂

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  12. Good thought to bear in mind. -)

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  13. Inspirational and encouraging poem, Iris! We all need to remember your message of strength when we may feel like giving up. 💛💚💙

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    • Thanks, Rose. When we are disappointed and feel a sense of failure… a focus on the positive does help to encourage one to think differently…to overcome … glad to share this! 💕 🙂


  14. Inspirational (and gentle) poem, Iris. It resonates with me and encourages one to go on regardless of the circumstances. Thank you for sharing this meaningful piece with us. ❤

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    • It’s my pleasure, Nancy. ❤ So glad this poem resonated with you… I appreciate this positive reflection and hope to encourage others to be overcomers, motivate better understanding and thinking to improve relationships… Thank you for your kind words. 🌷 🙂


  15. Wise words. 💙

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