Simply Poetry

It’s Resilience

Setbacks and failures

give us the opportunity

to learn to be resilient

to improve in the future

from these disappointments

Remind ourselves

we have a choice

to move on

Comments on: "It’s Resilience" (45)

  1. Failure, though typically unpleasant and disappointing, is usually one of life’s best teachers. Always a silver lining, right? 😊

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  2. We can choose to look at the situation and move forward; or sit and wallow in the misery. I’m with you, Iris, all the way.

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  3. Sound advice reminding us of positivity in a beautiful verse. This is lovely and very true, Iris. xo

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  4. Lots of wisdom in setbacks and failures. Lovely poem, Iris. ❤

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  5. • Thank you for your beautiful and thought-provoking post

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  6. Some good words for our election day. 🙂

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  7. Resilience is the unwritten law of life, which goes on even for those who refuse to move, burying their head in the dark crevices. Beautiful words!

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    • Those are inspiring words… indeed there are many ways of dealing with difficult situations and being resilient does certainly help one to move on in a positive way. Many thanks for visiting, Balroop, nice to meet you here! 🙂 I appreciate your time and thoughtful comment.

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  8. Too true. We only need watch a child learning to walk. Who knows that child could be a future Olympic champion but they will fail again and again along the way.

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  9. Nicely said. 🙂 It’s true, you learn to be resilient only through setbacks. The only real failure is in not getting back up and trying again 🙂

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  10. Beautifully expressed, Iris! To learn from our mistakes is all we can do as they’re a constant part of our lives. 😄😘🐨🌺

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  11. Oh yes dear Iris .. we sure do learn by experience. 🙂

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  12. Good thought to bear in mind. -)

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  13. Inspirational and encouraging poem, Iris! We all need to remember your message of strength when we may feel like giving up. 💛💚💙

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    • Thanks, Rose. When we are disappointed and feel a sense of failure… a focus on the positive does help to encourage one to think differently…to overcome … glad to share this! 💕 🙂


  14. Inspirational (and gentle) poem, Iris. It resonates with me and encourages one to go on regardless of the circumstances. Thank you for sharing this meaningful piece with us. ❤

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    • It’s my pleasure, Nancy. ❤ So glad this poem resonated with you… I appreciate this positive reflection and hope to encourage others to be overcomers, motivate better understanding and thinking to improve relationships… Thank you for your kind words. 🌷 🙂


  15. Wise words. 💙

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  16. I see so many people worn down by repeated “sorry not at this time” letters. The first ten it’s easier to be optimistic and cheerfully pick people up than after lots more.

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  17. I actually just wrote on the concept of resilience as well on my blog 🙂

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