Simply Poetry

A Landscape Lost

A fisherman’s wharf

at dawn

basking in the warm glow

of a new day

Vibrant landscape

glimpse of the fishing island

An immense sense

of incredible beauty

or possibility?


Comments on: "A Landscape Lost" (43)

  1. A beautiful poem about such a peaceful unspoilt island – not too many around these days! I enjoyed this very much and can imagine the beauty of the landscape. Yes, let’s appreciate them now as there’s no telling what it will be like in the future.

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    • Thank you for commenting, Eliza. It’s such a shame when development takes over… and we lose that tranquil and beautiful landscape! Yes, progress is necessary but we hope that parts of the island will remain for people to enjoy the natural surroundings. I do very much appreciate your reflection on this. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful poem, Iris which captures the peace and calm of the fishermans wharf. I’m reading this by the coast as I’m there for the day and it is as vibrant as you describe, basking in the warm glow of autumn sunlight. A joy to read your poem! Wishing you a lovely Sunday. Xx

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    • Many thanks, Annika. I can imagine your lovely, peaceful retreat… such a delightful landscape and glad you are enjoying yourself! ❤ Appreciate your kind words. 🙂 Have a great week ahead and enjoy the autumn glow and colours… 🍁 🍂 🐠 🐟

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  3. Lovely images.

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  4. ☺️❤️😃the so dear so dear many thanks, I was not but nevertheless very nice and attentive of them cordial thank you and wish them a stress free week.☺️❤️😃

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  5. You really bring the scene to life. I can imagine standing there looking out to the island too. 🙂

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  6. I’d say it is both incredible beauty and a possibility. However, the latter is a little scary as possibilities can turn out great or painful. But right now, I just want to enjoy the scene that you painted here. 🤗

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    • Indeed it is… you are so right, Imelda. As we were having a nice relaxing bike ride, we stopped by to take in the view that was so eye-catching! The sun has just peeked over the hills… and there it is, that stunning landscape of the island. I’ve read that there might be some people who are interested in buying over the island for development or … your guess is as good as mine, so we hope that something good will come out of their takeover! Yes, meanwhile let’s enjoy and appreciate the beautiful and natural environment … Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

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      • ah… that “development” word. Sometimes, I wonder why changing the environment to suit peoples’ pleasure is development. I have this secret wish that lovely places remain hidden or at least pristine even when visited by many.

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        • I do agree that these islands be kept for people to enjoy … fishing sports, or just for picnics, and to relax and spend the day with family and friends… that’s our hope, Imelda. I guess the greed factor for development etc. comes in here… thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  7. Lovely poem, Iris. Islands are beautiful places as captured by your wonderful verse.

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    • Delighted you enjoyed this poem Lana, thank you. ❤ Yes, islands are fascinating and their natural beauty, flora and fauna… great and romantic for holiday destinations… appreciate your time and interest here. 🌄 🏝 😃

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  8. Beautiful, Iris. Beautiful.
    But why on earth am I not seeing your posts? I’ll try to unfollow and follow again to see if this helps.

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  9. An enchanting poem Iris. Bravo.

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  10. A magnificent poem to a landscape very dear to me, Iris! Islands are such wonderful biotops and lovely places for discovery! Thank you for letting me come with you to the Fisherman’s Wharf! 😄😘💕🐳🐟🐠🐙

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  11. Beautiful prose .. leaves me dreaming of your island and the possibilities that just may be 😀

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    • Wow, this is your island of dreams… such wonderful imagination!! 🌄 🏖 🐠 🐟 You are very welcome to join us, Julie 😉 😃 And yes, many great possibilities to come… lovely to have your company, my friend! Hugs ❤

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  12. Dear Iris, I have nominated you for the BLACK CAT BLUE SEA AWARD.
    I don’t know how to send you a link, so please refer to my post (“Black Cat Blue Sea Award”), which I have just published.
    Best wishes.

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    • Hi Luisa, please refer to my about page re nominations for awards… as I don’t do awards, I am very pleased when readers enjoy my poetry and visit my site. Thank you for your kind thoughts. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

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  13. Denzil - Life Sentences said:

    I like that Iris; the sense of potential that is evident in any scene or location…

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  14. A beautiful scene, Iris. I can picture it through your words. ❤

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  15. You’ve painted a gorgeous work of art with your words, Iris! I’d like to bask in the warmth you’ve created, and the possibilities out there for us to seize. xo

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  16. You are gifted ❤️

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