Simply Poetry

An Indifferent Sky

Once a field of water

surrounding the bay

Now the fishing trawlers

lie still

A fisherman gaze at

the barren sea

wondering …

what little …

there’s left


The village deserted

Haze hovers over the hills

But a moment of beauty

as rain clouds part

the moon peeps

a rainbow of hope

across the indifferent sky

Comments on: "An Indifferent Sky" (39)

  1. A thoughtful poem with a ray of hope at the end. 🙂
    So many places become deserted when climates change or we over fish an area.

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  2. Beautiful, Iris. The imagery is so despairing at the start and then turns poignant at the end with hope. I suppose mankind gets to decide which future we’ll face.

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    • Many thanks, Diana. Yes, this scene evokes an atmosphere, to our minds, of a bleak landscape…. And yet there is always hope even from the situation of climate change. There are people who are responsible and work towards positive environmental changes. Each one of us can play our part, however small. Appreciate your interest and time here. 🙂

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  3. Paradoxical thoughts that run through the lines evoke many emotions yet return to light peeping through the clouds…Lovely Iris! The subtle hints are reaching me through ‘the indifferent sky.’ Thanks for sending the vibes of awakening.

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  4. Lovely and touching

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  5. It is an indifferent world in so many ways. But WE CAN CHANGE IT!!!!

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    • A positive and hopeful response, thank you for your wonderful reflection. 🙂 Indeed, we can make informed choices and seek to be responsible… in an evolving world! Glad to have you visit and appreciate your comment.


  6. Everyone needs hope … 🙂

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  7. I love it when there is some hope at the end 😃

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  8. A beautiful reminder to all mankind of our responsibilities to this amazing planet. I am always sad reading about the plight of the seas, but I love the idea of hope peeking through and the offer of time to change the course. Marvellous poetry, Iris.

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    • Yes, it is a situation where the mood is dreary… especially for the fisherman. This is a beautiful world and indeed an amazing planet that we live in, Lana. Thank you very much for your thoughtful reflection. I do appreciate your kind words and lovely comment. 😃


  9. This certainly captures the loss of bounty of the ocean, and the loss of jobs for fisherfolk, the weather is so indifferent to life but your poem shows how it also brightens up our minds.

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    • Delighted to read your meaningful comment. Yes, these are times when there is so much seen in climate change and how this affects us all globally. Thank you for your insight.. I do appreciate this feedback, Georgina. 🙂

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  10. I watched a program last year where a chef told us we had to throw back a lot of our catch because of quotas and how wasteful it was

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    • The impact of climate change on … our ecosystem and environment affect us as a society in many ways. These are challenges for us to try to understand and be responsible to keep the law of nature… I try to portray something in this poem from a recent observation of the fishing village and the fisherman’s expression… However there is always hope to share and responsible and kind people to help. Thanks for stopping by, Charlotte. 🙂

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  11. I am gladfor the hope and hopeful end to your piece. 😊

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  12. You are a fountain of hope, dear Iris, and this is not an easy way to live; but it has endless rewards, and I so appreciate this faith in life.

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  13. After rain, there’s nothing quite as beautiful nor as hopeful as a rainbow. I enjoyed your humble and endearing poem, Iris. 🌈💜💫

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  14. Beautifully written with a very powerful message.

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