Simply Poetry

Innate Optimism?

A new environment

Fleeting or captivating

Capacity for dreams …

Comments on: "Innate Optimism?" (18)

  1. Love that last line, Iris — so hopeful.

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    • Yes, Jet, we look towards a more optimistic approach in the different circumstances of life. And you’re so right that you know there is always hope to see us through those times. Appreciate your meaningful reflection and time here. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful poem, Iris. I love that capacity for dreams.

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    • Thank you, Diana. So glad we can enjoy dreams and yet we have the choice to make them work for us… even motivate us to have a more optimistic state of mind… appreciate your perceptive feedback. 🙂

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  3. Nicely put. 🙂
    After all, life is what you make it, so might as well look for the positive. 🙂

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  4. A new environment is often inspirational but after awhile I like to go home; refreshed usually and ready to bring a new outlook back with me.

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  5. It’s amazing how a new environment can invigorate the soul. Wonderful inspiration, Iris. 😀

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  6. Beautiful poem, Iris which says so much in just a few words … this has me pondering! I find a change of place inspiring, rejuvenating and exciting and the effects of the new stays with me long after.😀

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    • Appreciate your reflection on this, Annika. Yes, we can employ our imagination and be creative in given opportunities! Delighted to hear your views… thank you so much. 😃 ❤ Glad you had a great holiday, welcome back! ⚘ 😃

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  7. Beautiful and inspiring poem, Iris!! 😊💜🐨🌺

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  8. There’s nothing like a new environment to draw forth a surge of fresh interests. A beautiful short poem, Iris, and I love the smart new look of the design and banner on your web page.

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    • Hi Mary, I am really delighted to have you visit! Thank you for your insightful words and lovely comment. Yes, I thought the collage of images represent the genre of my poetry blog… and so glad, that caught your attention! I do appreciate your kind thoughts and feedback. Have a wonderful day and great to read your interesting articles too. Much love and best wishes.

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