Simply Poetry

Let This Be

Something still

A dreamy melody

and your sweet refrain

Scintillating stars

across the twilight sky

Born to shine the glow

the glow that lives with us

For a million years

Stardust in your eyes

Take to heart and mind

Comments on: "Let This Be" (26)

  1. Aw I love this poem. 🙂
    At my darkest times I like to remember our connection with the cosmos.

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  2. Gorgeous, Iris. I love the expansiveness of this. 🙂

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  3. Very nice poem, dear Iris 🙂

    We ouselves are star dust, born from star dust.
    All good wishes

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  4. Beautiful! I love looking at the stars and imagine the width and depths of the galaxy. Probably because we are all made from stardust. 😉💕

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    • Astronomy is fascinating, isn’t it, Sarah? And the galaxies an amazing phenomenon… what an orderly cosmos we enjoy! Thanks so much for your thoughts… yes, the galaxy of stars, so very beautiful to observe, I agree 😉 🎶 ✨ ❤

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  5. Beautiful, Iris…I love having stardust in my eyes. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  6. There’s something magical and promising about bright, twinkling stars in a contrasting dark night sky, radiantly shining with the “glow that lives with us”. And also within us…

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    • That is so wonderful indeed! The brilliance of these stars mesmerises us with their glow… charms and inspires to a promising tomorrow… So lovely to read your bright words! Thanks very much for this. Have a happy weekend! 😃 🌄 🎶

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  7. Carrying a melody among the stars, beautiful indeed. There is always something magic about the night sky. Time spent underneath a cascade of stars is time well spent. So very lovely, Iris. xx

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  8. Oh Iris … lovely words. The glow that lives with us .. stardust in your eyes 😍

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  9. Enchanting poem, Iris, taking us to the mystery of the night sky, and that lovely glow you speak of. Sweet and wonderful and hopeful.

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    • That’s such a beautiful appreciation of the night sky, Jet… yes, we can imagine and be inspired by its mysterious and dreamy charm! I am really delighted to have you here, my friend. Thanks for your lovely reflection. 😃

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  10. Loved this!❤

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