Simply Poetry

Moments Of Wonder

The chirping bird

sitting on the bough

of an apple tree

in the autumn

magic of April

A carpet of red

autumn leaves


Chirpy chirpy

tweet tweet

wind beneath his wings

vibrating birdsongs

Beethoven blowing in the wind

Comments on: "Moments Of Wonder" (28)

  1. Love to compare your sweet words of ‘Autumn in April’ while I write of ‘Spring in April’

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  2. I love that last line, Iris. Wonderful poem. 🙂

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  3. You certainly capture the wonders of autumn in your poem. 🙂 And I’m glad I am not the only one in autumn, as most of WP seems to be in the northern hemisphere and heading into spring! 🙂

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  4. Beautifully written

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  5. I really like this!

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  6. Builds up beautifully and love the Beethoven joy in the last line!

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    • Thank you Georgina. Yes, Beethoven’s choral symphony is simply beautiful and the ode just complemented that piece of music! Glad you like the metaphor in the last line too! 😃

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  7. Beethoven blowing in the wind indeed, Iris! You’ve again captured the beauty of nature and its inhabitants so brilliantly! Enjoy your vibrant Autumn season! 😄💕🐦🍁🍂

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    • Hi Sarah, appreciate your thoughts on this poem. The great composers, musicians from Europe and from your part of the world are such talented artistes! Glad you enjoyed Beethoven’s music in that context… and the fun of poetry 😉 😃 I enjoy music and the performing arts… so rich in culture and history! Thanks very much for joining me on this poetic experience… and yes, Autumn here is really stunning, imagine! 🍁 🎶 💕 🐨 🍎 🍇

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  8. Wonderful, Iris and a stunning final line of ‘Beethoven blowing in the wind’ – wow!

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    • Hi Annika, glad that line also caught your attention! Thanks so much for your kind words, was just having fun with this poem… and the metaphor! Great to have you here and hope you are enjoying your Spring and the beautiful blooms. ⚘ 🌾 😃

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  9. Lovely .. I’m reading this and listening to the music in the trees outdoors, the light of a new day has woken our chirpy chirpy friends

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    • What a beautiful morning to wake up to! To be in that wonderful environment, sounds of melodic chirps… so lovely, Julie. Tweet tweet, tweet tweet, enjoy the birdsongs… Thank you for that smile 😃 ☀️

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  10. I so love your poetry, Iris…it makes me feel calm and serene. xxx

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  11. A lovely expression of the joys of earth, Iris, a happy day celebrating life. I enjoyed this poem so much, thank you.

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    • It’s really so pleasing to read that, Jet. I am delighted this poem resonated with you… especially when you capture the beauty and wonders of nature so well in your lovely posts. Appreciate your time and gracious comment, my friend. Have a nice weekend. Cheers! 😃

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