Simply Poetry

Sunrise Of Inspiration

Hope to persevere

Optimism gives strength

Comments on: "Sunrise Of Inspiration" (28)

  1. Great post 😁

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  2. This is wonderful Iris.

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  3. So true. You need hope, but even a little will work. 🙂

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  4. Simply elegant! And I forget to say that I like your banner pictures!

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    • Nice to hear from you, Cynthia. Thank you kindly for the lovely comment. As for the banner… glad it caught your attention! I think I was trying to depict the different genres of my poetry writing. 😃

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  5. Hope is such an inspirational word and your lines are as beautiful as watching a sunrise.

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    • That is so very kind of you, thank you. Yes indeed, the beauty of Creation surpasses everything… it truly inspires! Watching a glorious sunrise is absolutely amazing… Hope for a new day! ☀️ 😃

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  6. Perfect, sweet and elegant

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  7. Lovely thoughts put to words, Iris. Hope and optimism are two things this world needs right now, maybe it has always needed, but especially right now. xoxo

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  8. Hope and optimism – so essential for all of us. And may I add love? That way it would be a holy triangle, a fundament in which to build our lifes. Thank you for always bringing light with your words into my life, Iris! 😄💕🐨🌈🌺

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    • Hi Sarah, great to read your meaningful words… thanks so much for your reflection. It’s a joy for me to inspire as I believe even a little light gives hope! Have a positive week… lovely to hear from you! 😃 ⚘ ☀️ ❤

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  9. Your exquisite choice of words could not be more perfect, Iris…thank you.

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  10. So simply stated, Iris, and so profound. 🙂 They go together perfectly.

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  11. Africa Information Lead said:

    Great post here. I love the work you do here. Please Do check me out on

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  12. Kunal Saini said:

    Nice one

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