Simply Poetry

Can You Imagine That?

When hope and fear collide

Resilience in adversity

Invincible soul


Comments on: "Can You Imagine That?" (17)

  1. Thank you for cheering me up today, Iris. Your poem has had a healing effect on me. I sometimes feel temporarily discouraged though this state of mind and spirit does not last long. Your poem is a marvelous anchor for optimism even when the going gets tough.

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  2. …then courage is born…

    Thanks for sharing, my dear Iris 🙂
    All the best my friend

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  3. Beautiful and inspiring, Iris! The invincibility of the soul, we truly must believe in that. Thank you for reminding me, dear friend! Much love! ❤

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  4. Iris, in a world where negativity seems to prosper, resilience is indeed key. A thought-provoking poem and the tight structure works well to finish on the single word …invincible. Powerful!

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  5. Ah, invincible soul! I needed that reminder, thank you. So often it’s difficult to remember how much strength we have despite our fragility.

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