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Sand, Wind And Stars

Hues of pink and magenta

Contours of sand dunes

Mist envelopes softly

Into the silence of night

Stars like opal specks


Across the canvas of the sky

Glowing moon

floating into a landscape

of surreal possibilities

Comments on: "Sand, Wind And Stars" (32)

  1. Happy Valentines. ❤

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  2. Iris, you capture the landscape and its magic vividly! I love the idea of the ‘surreal possibilities’! X

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    • Yes, the entire experience was awe inspiring from the outset, Annika. It was an amazing landscape and really catches one’s imagination! 😃 Appreciate your lovely comment and thanks for stopping by. ♥️

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  3. Another beautiful painting woven with words that make me envision it all in its endless wonder, Iris! Love the stars like opal specks – I can exactly imagine what that looks like. 😄 And every sky is wonderful canvas, isn’t it? Thank you for sharing this, dear friend! Have a glorious weekend! 😄💕🐨🌺

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    • Hi Sarah, so glad to read this got your imagination going… ah also the creative mind of an artist describing this inspiring reflection! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely thoughts, very much appreciated my friend. Indeed the landscape of the desert sky is really awesome! It was during one of my travels through country Australia that this mesmerising wonder of nature captivated me. Simply beautiful!! My pleasure to share, Sarah! Hope you enjoy your Sunday. Have a great and positive week too! ☀️ ⚘ 🦉 🦋 🐿 💖

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      • You´re most welcome, Iris!
        I´ve just watched the film version of Robyn Davidson´s bestseller “Tracks” with the wonderful actress Mia Wasikowskaja and am now determined to read the book as well, because I´m just fascinated by her story. The desert seems to hold many beautiful things, just as it can hold many deadly ones, we just need to watch out for them. I´ve never been in a desert before – none around here in Germany 😉 – but have often admired their beauty in several photographs and films. So lovely to know that your own travels through the country inspire you to your art! Have a lovely Sunday! xoxo ❤

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      • Yes, Australia is a country of great contrast… a fascinating continent with such amazing beauty! Your interest as a photographer and artist takes you different places I’m sure, Sarah! Well, make your dreams come true… one day you’ll visit this wonderful country, up, up and away!  😉 🛫 💖

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  4. Iris: You created a world with its own colours, movement and subtle changes and I love the last line.

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  5. Pink and magenta, how beautiful is that? I want to live there for sure. I used to live in a place that had white sand dunes as a national park. It was very beautiful but also very hot. Lovely work, Iris. xoxo

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    • That’s interesting. Some of the sand dunes here are as high as 5 metres… they are the main features of the National Park. Amazing isn’t it? Yes, this desert landscape is fascinating! Thanks for sharing such an inspiring reflection! Really appreciate your time here, Lana. ❤


  6. I like the whole feel of this poem – ending in surreal possibilities. Nice one. 🙂

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  7. Such a lovely poem dear Iris …❤️

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  8. This is a most lovely description of nature and its wonders. Such powerful and gorgeous imagery!

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    • Thank you for the kind words… very much appreciated!

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      • My pleasure.

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      • Just reread your poem again, Iris. So wonderfully pictorial. I have the feeling of being in front of a painting that discloses nature’s beauties. These lines are especially captivating with an air of mystery so characteristic of the night’s power:

        “Mist envelopes softly

        Into the silence of night”

        The end of your poem has also great strength with the allusion to the power of the moon that opens up vast landscapes and horizons of “surreal possibilities”. I love the reference to the subconscious mind here, so beautifully expressed by your word choice that gives your poem a lovely flow, very lyrical.

        By the way, Iris, I thank you once more for the follow. I really appreciate this! However, there is a much better writer than me, whom I strongly recommend you and all your followers. It is my friend Mario Savioni. I think I already told you about him. His novel “Pickles and Tarts” (very short chapters, easy to read), is a story where 54-year-old Frank has been selected by 19-year-old Nicole through a dating site. Frank looks at Nicole’s photos on the site and is attracted to her beauty. Nicole tells him she has a boyfriend and is not interested in a romantic relationship. She adds: “It’s fun to talk to different people sometimes.” It is a lovely story of illusion-delusion, dream-reality, non-conformist with the Capitalist system, reflective on love, sex and human relationships in today’s world. It is profound and highly intriguing:

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  9. Twinkling opal stars, a glowing moon… and surreal possibilities. This lovely poem is pure magic! 😀

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  10. Iris, this is one of my favorite poems of yours. Filled with hope and love, and dazzling craft. Those last three lines especially….

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  11. I loved, “stars like opal specks”, great turn of phrase, evocative.

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