Simply Poetry

Amazing Love

Love so amazing

See how it glows

That bright star

of hope and joy


Love is amazing

at break of dawn

O sweet music

of peace and joy


Wishing all friends


Comments on: "Amazing Love" (20)

  1. Hello dear Iris .. how lovely to hear from you! Peace and joy is such sweet music 😀 A very merry Christmas to you too ..

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    • Hi Julie, it’s so lovely to see you here! Doesn’t time fly… and the year is soon over! But I have always appreciated all the friends I’ve met here and will treasure the great times we’ve shared and exchanged our different experiences and interests… Thank you Julie for taking time to stop by. Hope you’re enjoying the summer season, and my very best wishes for a great year ahead!  💖 😀

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  2. Iris, a delight to see you back here and hope all is well! A wonderful uplifting poem to start my day – thank you! Warmest wishes for a wonderful Christmas for you and your family and best wishes for the New Year! 😀🌲

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    • So lovely to have you here, Annika. 💐 I am fine and doing well thanks. New changes keep me challenged and give opportunities for me to see things in a different perspective. All so very refreshing! 😃 Yes, it’s another new year coming up and thank you for your continued interest and kind thoughts, Annika. My best wishes to you and family for a great year ahead too! ☀️

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  3. Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas too. 😀

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  4. Merry Christmas, dear Iris. 🎄
    Blessings – Wendy Mac

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    • Hi Wendy, so lovely to hear from you. It’s a busy time of year for people as the year draws to an end… Thank you for your inspirational sharing and superb photography! I appreciate your time here, Wendy. Have a wonderful year ahead. ☀️ Much love ♥️

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  5. Season greetings, Iris…what a glorious poem for Christmas…

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  6. Merry Christmas, Iris! So good to see more of your lovely poetry again. 🙂

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    • Hi Angelica, thank you very much. It’s so lovely to make that connection again! 😀 I really appreciate your kind thoughts and for stopping by. Have a wonderful season! Best wishes, much love 🌹♥️

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  7. A lovely Christmas poem, Iris. It reads like a prayer and song. 🙂

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    • Thank you Diana, delighted to hear from you. Appreciate your lovely reflection… Yes, I believe we can encourage and share with others love and joy through our poetry and writing. I have enjoyed your inspiring words, thank you too for your friendship and sharing! 😀 ♥️

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  8. Beautiful images and reflections, Iris. I hope your holidays were filled with peace and love, and wishing you the same for the coming new year.

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  9. Such a lovely poem for a very special time of the year.

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