Simply Poetry

Eloquent Silences

Scintillating stars

sparkling brilliantly

Moonbeams kiss the water

The lake rippling

quietly as

the snowflakes gently dancing

Seducing the evening

Magic in the moonlight

Listen to the music

Keep the love song playing

Magic in the moonlight

Comments on: "Eloquent Silences" (11)

  1. Reminds me of a song…I can almost hear the tune but can’t recall what it was.

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  2. I love that kind of magic, Iris.

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  3. A beautiful balmy poem, Iris. This makes me want to head to the beach and watch the wave roll in beneath the moonlight. ❤

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    • That’s a lovely reflection, Diana. We can all enjoy such beautiful landscapes… our imagination and dreams take us to such exciting places! Welcome to this enchanting island, my friend! 🤩 ♥️

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  4. Thanks for sharing this beautiful and magic poem Iris, have a nice weekend!!!

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  5. Magic in the moonlight … how lovely Iris. 🙂

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