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O’ Night Divine

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  1. walesforevercymru said:

    Beautiful words, Iris. Thank you. A blessed Christmas to you too.

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  2. And to you sweet Iris! 🙂 ❤

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  3. Merry Christmas, Iris! Hope your day is filled with peace and joy! 😊❤🎄

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  4. Merry Christmas 🎁🎆😘

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  5. Lovely dear Iris … hope you had a special Christmas 🎄happy holidays my friend ❤️

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    • Yes, thanks Julie… in as safe a way as we can. It was just a small group of us. All enjoyed themselves and sharing dinner and time together was indeed special! Hope you too had a wonderful and meaningful time with your family… So lovely of you to visit and I do appreciate your time here, my friend. ♥️ Have a good start to the year and Happy 2021! Cheers 🥂 🎉

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  6. Thanks Iris … wishing you a Happy 2021! 🌹💫

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  7. Thank you for all the wonderful poetry of last year which kept me going and for your kindness. May the New Year be full of joy and good health for you.

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    • A pleasure to share… and I am delighted to have you visit! Lovely to meet you and keep writing those interesting and informative posts of yours. Happy 2021, best wishes for an inspiring and creative year! 🎼 ✍ 🌄

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  8. Happy New Year, I’m happy that you made the best of this Christmas season safely. I was practicing for an important audition that got cancelled at the last minute even though I had a negative covid test, oh well at least I kept on track and learnt some new songs. Keep on with your lovely uplifting poetry.
    Best wishes Charlotte

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    • Happy New Year, Charlotte. Glad you are enjoying new experiences and learning new songs. It’s such a challenging year for all of us and we must continue to be positive and creative and to embrace the changes in these momentous times! Keep persevering in your art and look forward to more opportunities… all the very best for 2021! Keep well and optimistic…


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