Simply Poetry

Here Comes Spring

April’s magical loveliest

spring into blooms

of rainbow colours

How beautiful

the season of


in harmony

with nature


and coming to life

Spring is in the air …

Comments on: "Here Comes Spring" (14)

  1. ilovepoetry2 said:

    A beautiful poem for a beautiful time of year! Thank you!

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  2. Lovely! Spring is a season of bloom and colors. And, yes, as you wrote – Renewal. Happy Easter!

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  3. Lovely spring inspiration, Iris. I’m ready for it!

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    • Hi Lana, so lovely to hear from you! Yes, it’s such a thrilling sight to see new buds bloom and to enjoy Spring’s wonderful beauty and freshness… nature’s inspiration indeed! Thank you so much for your delightful reflection… Happy Spring, my friend! Much love.

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  4. This is a beautiful poem & video to match this beautiful time of year…happy Spring! 🌺

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  5. It finally is here too, Iris. Still only snowdrops blooming here, but daffodils are getting ready, and the birds are nesting just outside my window. Thanks for your lovely poem.

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    • Hi Cynthia, your beautiful description just allowed my imagination to visualise your lovely garden setting! How delightful to hear from you… my pleasure to share this poem and also wishing you Happy Spring! 🌷🌹 Thank you for your visit…and kind of you to leave a comment. 😀

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  6. Margaret said:

    Lovely colourful description of Spring.Blends well with the soothing music in a background of beautiful flowers.
    Well done.Thanks

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  7. Beautiful spring poem Iris and I always enjoy listening to Andre Rieu, I’d love to sing in one of this extravagant concerts.

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    • Happy Spring, Charlotte! Yes, he and his orchestra are always very entertaining and delights the audience… l enjoy them very much too! It would be good for you to get involved and have an audition with them… maybe a virtual one at this point in time? Who knows he might be able to arrange one for you! Thanks for stopping by and all the best for your endeavours. 🎼 😀

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