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On Moonlight Hill

That Red Rose Café

on a high and windy hill

The magical fingers

of the Spanish guitarist

mesmerising diners

captivating hearts

He strummed and he sang

into the night …

and Into the night

the misty moonlight

peering through the window

The world stood still …

Book Sandwich

A bookish delight

somewhat different

to the ordinary

bookshop or café

even a sandwich place.


A hive of activity

informal pleasantness

a great attraction

of this quaint

beautifully designed

art décor

heritage melting pot.


Antique furniture

bookshelves with

interesting biographies

and rare books

to browse

or just relax

and listen to

piano jazz music.


A trendy oasis

where people meet

to unwind

catch up

and chill out!

Chic Boutique

Cool linen

cotton voile

plain, patterned, floral

pretty fabrics

displayed with flair



bright, pastel

hand stitched clothes

Chic boutique


Feeling peckish

I wandered to

their cafe

delicious meals

delectable desserts

freshly brewed coffee


Cosy atmosphere

people in conversation

soft music playing



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