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Being Meaningful

Our attitude

towards life

its challenges

expanding focus

beyond self

strengthen another.

Cool T Words

Cool T Words


Beyond The Horizon …

The mountain peak

Rainbow of colours

Promises beyond the horizon

True Potential

Expanding focus

Beyond self

Embrace, contribute

Collective good.

Let’s Get Together

Inspire, challenge

new chapter


waiting to unfold.

Greater Heights

Steep ascent

Rugged terrain





Reach for the peak.

Of Great Expectations

Early morning mist

soft as cotton wool

envelopes the mountain peak

rays of light

across the horizon

rising sun

sparkling waves

gently glistening

ushering in a bright new day

of great expectations.

About To Begin

The wonders of nature

The changing seasons

Bringing refreshment

New challenges

And opportunities

About to begin.

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