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So Simple Yet

Integrity of character

is strength

Stand tall

Power And Folly

Three profound words

Consumed by power

A human folly.

A Quiet Heart

A quiet confidence

making a difference to

the well-being of others

liberates and builds.

Being Meaningful

Our attitude

towards life

its challenges

expanding focus

beyond self

strengthen another.


Where words fail

there is still kindness

an act of love

can change a life.

How Beautiful …

The smiles that win

the eyes that sparkle

a heart whose love

is tender and passionate

In beauty and grace

so calm, a life

thoughts serenely expressed.


Like a red, red rose

sweetly perfumed

and music fills with pleasure

a love in truth

a life in truth

the best things in the world.

Is Beauty Skin Deep?

The halo effect

Clouds true characteristics

Look beyond face value.

Pride And Humility


leads to downfall


an unassuming attitude

strength of character.

Amazing Love

Perfect Love reflects

abundance of Beauty

Grace and Wisdom

of Creator God.

Soliloquy Retold

The stage is set

in the courtyard

of a beautifully decorated

heritage home

mother-of-pearl furniture

antique ornaments

tiled marble flooring.


A charming young lady

from a wealthy family

attractively dressed

in traditional sarong kebaya*

Anxious eyes focussed

captive audience

sits herself

on the intricately

carved rosewood chair.


She explains

marriage was arranged

it wasn’t her choice

mixed feelings

emotional turmoil

cultural differences

testings and tauntings

but character

confident and respectful

learned fast

to relate well.


Intelligent, witty, creative

humble character

she soon won their hearts

many talents

culinary skills

musically gifted.


As she relates her story

audience was in awe.

A difficult relationship

it just takes

one determined person

to make a positive difference

all’s well that ends well.


Enthusiastic audience


clapped heartily

she smiles

takes a bow.


* translucent, embroidered blouse worn with a batik sarong

Dedicated To


The one who speaks the truth,

And dares to stand for what is just,

Many a time lonely,

Shunned and segregated,

For what you believe in,

Hope is on your side.

Persevere on.



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