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Faces of

a changing world

The struggles

and pain

of a hurting


We need humanity

more than pity

It’s sharing

that humanity

with the oppressed

A virtue

and choice

of the beauty

that still remains

Power Of Choice

Take a journey

Expand your thoughts

Dream your dreams

Create conversation

Somebody said

Anything but …

Within the reach

of everyone

Take on the challenges

Enjoy a new



Make a difference


To Be

A light in the darkness

Choose to look within

to awaken

Power And Folly

Three profound words

Consumed by power

A human folly.

A Field Of Dreams

Sunlight filtering

through leafy trees

handcrafted sculptures

the garden café

bustling with life

reminding us that

we are not solitary islands

we meet to catch up

so no matter how

lonely it may appear

you are not alone.


Write your words

or speak out loud

like on a stage

a field of dreams

where words are birds

set free from their cage

watch them fly

wings stretched wide

they glide through

the wind in a way

that is just different.

And Because

There is Hope

Make a choice

Be an overcomer.

Will You?

Choose to stand still

Behold the miracles

Breathe in the hues

The quiet waters

The lake of tranquility.

Born Free

Where birds are free

Wings stretched wide

They glide with the wind

Follow that dream.


Decision to make

Vital and challenging

Optimistic reasoning

A bigger picture.

Let’s Get Together

Inspire, challenge

new chapter


waiting to unfold.

Clear Thinking

Create space

Art of thinking

Prevent decision fatigue.

The Joy Of Words

Words well chosen

Set hearts aglow

Put smiles on faces.

Greater Heights

Steep ascent

Rugged terrain





Reach for the peak.

Freedom To


Choose to

focus on

positive thoughts.



Thinking Through

Scarcity a rarity?

Spoilt for choice?

Which is more valuable?

Complex Mind

 The mind is such a complex part of the body,

Who can truthfully understand?

Matters that arise can be so easily misconstrued,

In your love and wisdom

Lord our Creator

Help seeking minds make the right choice.


From History

Tragic circumstances open the eyes of many,

From history we have also known of man’s folly,

What hope is there for the human race,

Can there be any escape from tragedy sometimes happening?

Think through and choose a new beginning,

With the Saviour of the human race,

Lord have mercy and grace.


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