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A Choir

And the excitement

of a blazing sunset

beyond the horizon

The reality …

I never

imagined you would believe

The dream …


Pleasures of poetry

Such is the music of


A choir of voices

Space Between People

Contemporary dance

body language

to mirror

human behaviour

contemplative communication

to share

thoughts, perspectives

across cultures

space between people

connecting people

voicing, expressing

dance and beyond …

A Thought For Humanity

Truth and integrity


the voice of conscience

A Burst Of Synergy

Ability to articulate

Words that connect

People with goals

Engage others

in a sincere

honest relationship

Let’s Get Together

Inspire, challenge

new chapter


waiting to unfold.

Being Amiable

Good relationship

like dialogue

a two-way process

Amiable qualities

strengthen friendship.

The Importance Of Words

Words chosen

to encourage

Like a breath of

invigorating fresh air.

Clear Thinking

Create space

Art of thinking

Prevent decision fatigue.

Take Time

Quality time

Undivided attention



Builds relationships.


Mutual understanding

and trust

develop and maintain

a good rapport.

A Meeting Of Minds

Working out priorities

to achieve goals.

Building A Rapport

With someone you care about

or work with

It involves

taking time

making time

spending time

getting to know the person


With time


mutual understanding


the confidence

and trust grow

in building

a good rapport.

Better Relationships

Respect for one another,

Helps in creating better understanding,

Encouragement and goodwill shown,

Will foster better relationships.

Human Heart


The heart is so much a part of human relationships,

Do not neglect it for too long,

Feelings may be suppressed rather than expressed,

Many prefer to remain silent than to communicate,

Or choosing alternative ways,

Misleading and destructive,

The Lord alone can give complete healing,

His teachings are so assuring.



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