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Power Of Choice

Take a journey

Expand your thoughts

Dream your dreams

Create conversation

Somebody said

Anything but …

Within the reach

of everyone

Take on the challenges

Enjoy a new



Make a difference


A Choir

And the excitement

of a blazing sunset

beyond the horizon

The reality …

I never

imagined you would believe

The dream …


Pleasures of poetry

Such is the music of


A choir of voices

Chic Boutique

Cool linen

cotton voile

plain, patterned, floral

pretty fabrics

displayed with flair



bright, pastel

hand stitched clothes

Chic boutique


Feeling peckish

I wandered to

their cafe

delicious meals

delectable desserts

freshly brewed coffee


Cosy atmosphere

people in conversation

soft music playing



Be Interesting, Interested

To be interesting

One has to be interested.

Interesting to listen to and talk to,

Interested to listen and enjoy conversation

On varied subjects

To keep the interest going

With much enthusiasm

Brings on new meaning

To every facet of living.

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