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Garden Of Roses

The beautiful Jacaranda tree

in full bloom

of blue and purple hues

Butterflies flit freely

beside the lake of sparkling waters

Rose shrubs of spicy perfume

attract the birds of the air

whistling a happy tune

with praise and gratitude

to the Creator of all things

bright and beautiful

My heart with pleasure sings

on this glorious spring day.

Can You?


Count the stars

the numerous twinkling diamonds

in the expansive

starry night sky?

Or fathom

the depth and width

of the deepest ocean?


the highest mountain

beyond reach

of the expert mountaineer?

Imagine creation

in all its mastery

far above human understanding

and yet

the magnificence

of all these

displayed in every perfect detail

and beauty to behold

the incomparable Creator!



Amazing Love

Perfect Love reflects

abundance of Beauty

Grace and Wisdom

of Creator God.

Lilac Splendour

Beautiful flowers

of splendour

colour vivid

and brilliant

conducive environment.


All is quiet


to praise

and give thanks

to Creator God.


The wonders

of His work

so perfect

in every detail

beyond compare.


In the garden

of Your creation

where love

is sown





in nature.


For Wendy


May Creation Sing

May creation sing for joy

May creation sing

May creation sing for joy

To Creator God

And the splendour of His works

The splendour of His works

Give praise

To Almighty God.

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